Photographie Surrealiste

"Photographie Surrealiste" - French documentary, in greek

Their names are Man Ray, Dora Maar, Alvarez Bravo, Brassai, André Kertesz or Henri Cartier-Bresson. They're counting amongst the greatest photographers of the 20th century.
During the 1930's, their images embodied the most intense and lively side of surrealism.

The images are questionned trough animation techniques. They're dismantled, put back together again, brought back into play. Those images are " brought to life ", showing us the choices, the serendipity and their inner strength.
Each photography shown in the film becomes a story on its own, a little photographic drama who's only ending while reaching the finale picture.
The audience gets inside the process, the work on light and frame, the superimposing, solarisation, photomontage and slowly becomes itself part of this intricate game between photography, imagination and reality.

(France, 2009, 26mn)

Flour War

Photographs & Sound : Andreas Katsakos
© Galaxidi, Greece - 2008 - 2012