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365 days photo project

6 years after concluding "Photo Diary", a project that lasted almost 2,5 years (May 2008-December 2010) and for which I had to take a new photo every single day, I decided to repeat it again.
On Sunday, January 1st 2017 I started photographing using the same idea, "a photo every day". I changed 2 things though. First, I would take the photos using solely my mobile phone and secondly, I would upload the photos on my Instagram account.


6 χρόνια μετά την λήξη του “φωτογραφικού ημερολογίου”, ενός πρότζεκτ που κράτησε 2,5 σχεδόν χρόνια  (Μάιος 2008 – Δεκέμβριος 2010) και στο οποίο η πρόκληση ήταν να βγάζω μια νέα φωτογραφία κάθε μέρα, αποφάσισα να το επαναλάβω 6 χρόνια αργότερα.
Την Κυριακή 1 Ιανουαρίου 2017 ξεκίνησα να φωτογραφίζω  πάνω στην ίδια ιδέα αλλάζοντας ωστόσο δύο πράγματα. Πλέον οι φωτογραφίες θα γίνονται μόνο με το κινητό μου τηλέφωνο και θα φιλοξενούνται στο λογαριασμό που έχω στο instagram.


Santa Claus is here

Santa Claus is here...
Happy New Year to everyone
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Favourite street photos from UPSP

Untitled by Andreas Katsakos

This wonderful photo from Andreas Katsakos makes me tears down. It triggers me to remember my passed away mother and how painful I was in 2014. There are so many touching stories/messages behind the photo. Did she look at her young photo to reminisce youth? Or, did she memorize the lost family member?
Edas Wong

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Photo Diary

On this day, seven years ago, I created my Photo Diary, one Calendar in which I documented photographically my daily life. Every day a new photograph and this is lasted for 2,5 years.
Making a brief assessment of this experience, I would like to say that the most interesting and powerful pictures are hidden into simple, insignificant, everyday moments.

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