Photo diary


Early in 2008 I had the idea to create a photographic diary using the blogspot platform.

I started up the project the very next day of the creative thought, Thursday, March 6, 2008 and I challenged myself to shoot and post a representative photo of the day. Every day a new photo.

So, as I wanted to be consistent, I promised myself that the day I took no photos it would be the end of this diary. Thus, the camera had become a part of me and was next to me almost 24 hours a day.

That was a very creative period, as I photographed every day and I loved the thought that I could convey in a blog moments from my everyday life, as well as various thoughts and opinions about things what I experienced every day.

I also knew from the beginning that I would come across many difficulties and that many times it would be almost impossible to take photos for various reasons (the lack of leisure, the light, the mood, health issues, etc.). However, I took the chance, as I was quite curious to discover myself in photography. I also believed that, in the end, the whole process of everyday shooting would help me to understand better, except from myself, the world that surrounds me.

About a year later, the whole project was transferred to its own website, created by a friend,

Two and a half years later some of the most important and special moments of my life are included in my photographic diary, my wedding ceremony and wedding preparation, the news of the pregnancy of my wife on our first daughter, a surgery that I’ve done, my mother’s operation and many other pleasant and unpleasant daily life moments.

At some point in time, my wife's pregnancy complications dramatically reduced my free time and literally trapped me in home. That led me to decide disrupting the project almost three years after its creation, on December 31, 2010.

Today, seeing all this photographic archive, I still remember the stories behind each photograph. Perhaps these photographs may not reveal anything semiologically to the viewer, but for me, they carry memories of the particular day.

After all, making a brief assessment of this experience, I would like to say that the most interesting and powerful pictures are hidden into simple, insignificant, everyday moments.