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365 days photo project

6 years after concluding "Photo Diary", a project that lasted almost 2,5 years (May 2008-December 2010) and for which I had to take a new photo every single day, I decided to repeat it again.
On Sunday, January 1st 2017 I started photographing using the same idea, "a photo every day". I changed 2 things though. First, I would take the photos using solely my mobile phone and secondly, I would upload the photos on my Instagram account.


6 χρόνια μετά την λήξη του “φωτογραφικού ημερολογίου”, ενός πρότζεκτ που κράτησε 2,5 σχεδόν χρόνια  (Μάιος 2008 – Δεκέμβριος 2010) και στο οποίο η πρόκληση ήταν να βγάζω μια νέα φωτογραφία κάθε μέρα, αποφάσισα να το επαναλάβω 6 χρόνια αργότερα.
Την Κυριακή 1 Ιανουαρίου 2017 ξεκίνησα να φωτογραφίζω  πάνω στην ίδια ιδέα αλλάζοντας ωστόσο δύο πράγματα. Πλέον οι φωτογραφίες θα γίνονται μόνο με το κινητό μου τηλέφωνο και θα φιλοξενούνται στο λογαριασμό που έχω στο instagram.


Calendar 2017 // Association of Cancer Patients of Larissa

On Friday December 16, 2016, the Association of Cancer Patients of Larissa presented its calendar for 2017.

This year the Association worked with the photography group f plus, whose members captured with their cameras and especially for this calendar the alternation of the seasons and generously dedicated them to the cause.

The members who participate in the calendar with their photographs are: Rania Zannia, Nikoleta Zafeiri, Theano Ioannidi, Eleni Ioannidou, Fotini Karagiannaki, Andreas Katsakos, Maria Kyritsi, Stefanos Mokas, Theodora Papanestoropoulou


Serendipity Street // Serendipity Arts Festival 2016

One of my photograph has been exhibited at the "Serendipity Street" photography exhibition, in Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2016

Serendipity Street showcases at least 40 works from around the world. These photographs open up a world of beautiful imagery, ephemeral stories and philosophical thought

Curated by: Dinesh Khanna
Opening: December 16, 2016, 12:00 pm
Date & Time: December 16-23, 2016, 12pm - 8pm
Venue address: Jardim Garcia d'Orta, Municipal Garden, Panaji, Goa, India

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Eastreet 3 on the road

Eastreet is on the road again and will be visiting some interesting places over the next months!

EASTREET 3 in Wroclaw, Poland

EASTREET 3 exhibition will be presented during the Lublin city presentation, as a part of Wrocław - European Capitol of Culture 2016 events.

Opening: May 27, 2016, 18:00
Date & Time: May 27-29, 2016, 10:00-21:00
Venue address: Rynek 25, 50-101 Wroclaw, Poland
Free entry

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EASTREET 3 exhibition will be presented at this year's Organ Vida - International Photography Festival.

Opening: September 4th, 2015, 21:00
Date & Time: September 04-11, 2015 | 10:00 - 18:00
Venue address: Galerija Zvonimir, Trg kralja Petra Krešimira IV 1, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

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EASTREET 3 exhibition will be presented in Batumi, as part of Odesa // Batumi Photo Days Festival.
The project will be presented as an outdoor, large format installation in the city centre.

Opening: August 28th, 2015, 19:00.
Date & Time: August 28 - September 06, 2015
Venue address: Contemporary Art Space, Zviad Gamsakhurdia St 1/5, 6000 Bat'Umi, Ajaria, Georgia


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Opening: July 10, 2015 19:00 / Education programme: July 10-12, 2015
Date & Time: July 10-31, 2015
Venue address: Warsztaty Kultury, Grodzka 5a, Lublin, Poland.


EASTREET is an exhibition and publication dedicated to street photography from Eastern Europe. It is one of the biggest initiatives of its kind. Almost 20.000 photos were submitted to all three editions by the authors from around the world. So far, over 200 photos by the authors from 22 countries were presented in form of the exhibition and publication. The third edition of Eastreet took place in July 2015 in Lublin, Poland. Previous editions were presented in Belgium, Cambodia, Georgia, France, Thailand and Ukraine.

Each year, the best photos selected by a group of Curators are being presented in a form of a gallery exhibition, as well as an additional outdoor installation in the city streets and a book publication presenting all the works. The publication is distributed during the opening, as well as within a specially selected group of international institutions, galleries and curators. The third edition of Eastreet is featuring 82 photos by photographers from 18 countries.

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Nothing Special

Presentation of my photographic work to groups and clubs in Greece

Photography Group fplus - Larissa
Duration: March 8, 2016
Venue: Milos Pappa (1st floor), Georgiadou Str. 53, Larissa

Photography Center of Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki
Duration: December 14, 2013
Venue: Cafe Bazaar, Papamarkou 34, Thessaloníki 546 23

Trikala Photography Group - Trikala
April 25, 2013
Venue: Trikala Photography Group, Alexandra 4, Tríkala 421 00

T.E.I. of Larissa Photography Team - Larissa
April 10, 2013
Venue: Technological Educational Institute of Larissa, Greece

Photography & Cinema Club of Karditsa - Karditsa
Duration: March 21, 2013
Venue: Municipal Market of Karditsa, Shop I-33, Karditsa 43100

PhotOrion Photography Group of Rhodes - Rhodes
Duration: October 19, 2012
Venue: bookstore "To Dentro", Sofouli Themistokli 127, Rhodes, 85100

EISA Maestro 2015

3rd prize in national competition of EISA Photo Maestro 2015.
In 2015 the theme of the competition was 'Family'.

You can download and see the results bellow

Eastreet 3 publication

Eastreet 3 publication is here - it looks and smells awesome! 112 pages of great photography, with introduction texts by the curators and Filip Springer. Big thanks to Joanna Kinowska for the master level photo editing, Idalia Smyczynska for the print management and Petit print house for a top quality work!
The book is not for sale and it's only available at the exhibition, for free. Edition of 700.

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Eastreet 3 // Street Photography from Eastern Europe

Eastreet 3 / Street Photography from Eastern Europe
10-31 JULY 2015 / Warsztaty Kultury, Grodzka 5a, Lublin, Poland.
Opening: 10 July 2015 19:00 / Education programme: 10-12 July 2015

Eastreet is one of the biggest initiatives promoting street and documentary photography from Eastern Europe. Almost 10.000 photos were submitted to this year's edition by authors from around the world, covering all the countries of broadly defined Eastern Europe. The best photos selected by a group of Curators ( will be presented in a form of a gallery exhibition, as well as an additional outdoor installation in the Lublin’s city centre. We will also publish a special book presenting all the selected photographs together with author’s biographies.

This year’s edition of Eastreet will be accompanied by a series of workshops and talks dedicated to various aspects of documentary photography practice.

See the programme here:

Ana Alexandrescu, Julia Autz, Siarhei Balai, Norman Behrendt, Marek Berezowski, Aliaksei Bibikau, Maciej Biedrzycki, M. Scott Brauer, Maksym Chychynskyi, Paolo Cirega, Paulina Czarnecka, Michał Czarnecki, Tomasz Desperak, Anargyros Drolapas, Nikolay Dutkin, Garry Efimov, David Gaberle, Maciej Gapiński, Emil Gataullin, George Gavrilakis, Florin Ghebosu, Reinis Hofmanis, Julie Hrudová, Eleni Ioannidou, Mikhail Izopeskov, Jadwiga Janowska, Adrian Jaszczak, Evgeny Kamenev, Christos Kapatos, Athanasios Karatzas, Zisis Kardianos, Andreas Katsakos, Ertugrul Kilic, Ivan Kleymenov, Evgeniya Kurtina, Monika Łopacka, George Marazakis, Galia Nazaryants, Maria Novoselova, Paul Osipoff, Oguz Ozkan, Haris Panagiotakopoulos, Marina Paulenka, Aleksandra Perović Mihajlovic, Serge Poliakov, Anton Polyakov, Sergey Poteryaev, Kateryna Radchenko, Marta Rybicka, Juliya Skorobogatova, Stavros Stamatiou, Magdalena Świtek, Karol Szymkowiak, Hajdu Tamas, Denis Taraskin, Vasile Catalin Tomoiaga, Darya Trofimova, Aleksey Tudakov, Andrey Tulnov, Balázs Varga, Lukas Vasilikos, Troyan Vladimir, Tomasz Wiechnik, Natalia Wierzbicka, Krzysztof Wójcik, Yauhen Yerchak, Vadim Zamirovski, Spiros Zervoudakis, Maxim Zhuravko.

Aleksander Bochenek, George Georgiou, Joanna Kinowska, Tomasz Kulbowski, Grzegorz Ostręga.

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OBSERVE Collective // Group Exhibition

June 2015 will mark the 2nd anniversary of the OBSERVE Collective! The first OBSERVE Collective worldwide exhibition will open on June 12, 2015 in the Städtische Galerie in Iserlohn, Germany, and will run through July 26, 2015.

In conjunction with the exhibition opening, OBSERVE is also hosting a juried street photography competition, open to any interested photographer. All shortlisted and awarded images will be exhibited as part of a public event on June 13, 2015 in Iserlohn, in a location that is "under construction".

Street Photography Competition Results
Observe congratulates all the winners and shortlisted photographers for the Under Construction competition. All these images were exhibited as part of a public event on June 13, 2015 in Iserlohn, Germany, in a location that is "under construction". For more information, check the competition's flickr group.

Winner: Jo Wallace, England
Second Place: Kimberley Britt, USA
Third Place: Ryan Tacay, Canada

Vincent Goumont, Mirko Arganese, Zoltera, Nattawot Juttiwattananon, Hillol Choudhury, Adrian Huang, Nakarin Teerapenun, Macel S. Pawlowski, Andrea Zubani, Fabrício Santos, Henry Poerborianto, Riccardo Cattaneo, Haris Panagiotakopoulos, Roberto Deri, Nicola Miles, Guille Ibanez, Squiggly, Giacomo Vesprini, Dan Redrup, Dan Szpara, catsimbh, Arja Litmanen, Peter Dunsche, Tavepong Pratoomwong, Riccardo Cattaneo, Andreas Katsakos, Edas Wong, Shin Noguchi, Ania Klosek, Ping Rider, Hermellin de la Villette, John Paddler, Fred Abrantes, Tolojanahary Ranaivosoa, Mosuner, Richard Stern, Sara Nicomedi, Yong Wang, Ilan Ben Yehuda, Andre Carbon, Luigi Casentini, Stevie, Sara Nicomedi, Christoforos Giatzakis, Jeff Larson, His Noodly Appendage, Nico chiapperini, Marco Giusfredi, Roberto Deri, arslanalp, Shin Noguchi, Johan Jehlbo, Lavinia Petrache, Yasin Rahim, Thomas Leuthard, Giovanni Cassanese, Richard Stern,  Ryosuke Takamura, 6 ft white rabbit, Sylvain Biard, Sakulchai Sikitikui, Faisal Bin Rahman Shuvo, Pushkar Raj Sharma, Mankichi Shinshi, Muhammad Muttaqun, Arth Figueroa Jumagdao, Ufuk Akarı.

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Under Construction // Street Photography Competition Results

Observe congratulates all the shortlisted photographers for the Under Construction competition. All these images will be exhibited as part of a public event on June 13, 2015 in Iserlohn, Germany, in a location that is "under construction". The winners will be selected from photos below and announced during this event and on this page. For more information, check the competition's flickr group.

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